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May 11: Just two months from current event to history

“Why have the media forgotten us?”  William Grimm, Maryknoll priest and publisher of ucanews.com, tries to answer that question.

The earthquake and tsunami were two months ago today.

This morning as I was eating breakfast with the volunteers at Kamaishi, one of them, a local woman, sat across the table from me and asked if I could answer a question for her.

“Why have the media forgotten about us?” She went on to say that all the coverage seems to focus on the problems at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power plant, even though the disaster is still a present reality in the rest of the area.

I said it was the weakness of the media that it has a short attention span. The Japan quake eclipsed the Haiti quake, the revolt in the Arab world eclipsed the Japan quake, the royal wedding in London eclipsed the Arabs and Osama bin Laden eclipsed Kate Middleton. News becomes history very quickly.

That’s the reason the Sendai Diocese Support Center and Caritas Japan have me coming up from Tokyo to report. Their hope and mine is that by continuing to put the situation before an international audience, encouragement and support won’t dry up. Fortunately, according to last week’s figures, ucanews.com is now the second-largest Catholic news source on the web. So, at least among Catholics the story is being told.


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