Thursday, April 7

Yesterday evening, we felt two serious shakes, one of them particularly long. 
I forgot to mention it, but my father went back to France on April 5.
I spent most of the morning seeking work as a French or English teacher in the language schools. I couldn’t find a job, but I have an interview on Monday.

We still don’t have access to the gas and we don’t know when we’ll have it back.
Today, my first lunch at the campus canteen since the March 11. No more free drinking water, no glasses, a very restricted choice, no tray to carry our plates, only disposable dishes.

Bad news this evening. Yukiko receives an email from a friend about Michiko, a former colleague and friend. She came to our wedding party in Sendai, which was organised three years ago by Yukiko’s friends. The day of the earthquake, she took a day off. Her house was was very near the sea. Her body has been identified this week.


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One response to “Thursday, April 7

  1. C.M. Paul

    Firstly, thanks for your blogging, from the thick of the fight.
    Secondly, wish you all the best for Monday’s interview.
    Thirdly, more power to you, so your battery does not run out!
    Keep it up JJ.

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